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A steel sheet pile is a steel structure with edges interlocking and thus freely combined to form a continuous tight retaining or retaining wall. Due to its unique characteristics of high strength, light weight, good water resistance, strong durability, high construction efficiency and small footprint, the steel sheet piles are used throughout the construction foundation construction industry. In the field of infrastructure construction, steel sheet piles have been in the pioneering application in Europe since 1908 and have been in existence for more than 100 years. As an important construction material in the field of modern foundation and underground engineering, steel sheet piles can meet the construction requirements of many engineering fields such as traditional water conservancy, civil engineering, road traffic engineering, environmental pollution remediation and sudden disaster control. In recent years, with the rapid development of national economic construction, hot-rolled steel sheet piles have gradually been built in the prevention of dykes, intercepting cofferdams, constructing docks and water retaining walls, and constructing retaining walls, mountain slopes, and casting foundation pits. It has been applied in basic engineering such as protection.

The hot-rolled steel sheet piles used in China have come from abroad a few years ago. In order to break the market monopoly and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, Liaoning Zizhu Group started the research and development of steel sheet piles from the beginning of 2010. Through many technical breakthroughs, it finally succeeded in developing hot-rolled steel sheet piles in May 2011. The product quality fully meets the national standard. , Japanese standard and European standard, and achieved assembly links and mass production, has developed several series of more than 30 specifications of steel sheet pile products. At the beginning of 2014, the company successfully rolled out 601, 602, 603 steel sheet piles and Z-type and plate-type steel sheet piles, which not only supplemented the existing product series, but also filled the blank of similar products in China.